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© 2017 Kyle Sokol Bass


Kyle started playing bass at the age of 13.  One of the first virtuoso’s he started following was Victor Wooten.  Listening to his early session work and also his first Flecktone album changed his playing style and perspective on what the bass could be, for life.  Victor and Kyle have since become friends over the years and have worked together at Victor’s “Wooten Woods” Bass Camps. 


Kyle's band Rude Squad is signed to Citrus Records and he is endorsed by Warwick Basses, EMG Pickups, Mesa Boogie Cabinets, and Dean Markley Strings

Kyle Sokol is a native Floridian, born and raised in Clearwater/St. Petersburg, FL.  Kyle is mostly known for his style of bass playing that mostly consists of fast technical bass lines along with upright and fretless work.  Currently, Kyle plays in several original musical projects to include Messiaxx (Legendary Power Metal from Tampa Bay), Rude Squad (Legendary Ska/Punk band from Saint Petersburg, FL since 1997), Sectioned (Death Metal, international with members in Florida and Switzerland) and Trace of Day, an original alternative/rock strong hold in the bay area. 


Past/Present Bands/Musicians 

Worked/Recorded with

  • Trace of Day

  • Rude Squad

  • King of Denmark

  • Sectioned

  • Messiaxx

  • Eric Best

  • Trust For Liars

  • Must... Not... Kill...

  • Noble Jones

  • Hell On Earth

  • Strict-9

  • Stretch

  • Leadfoot

  • Jazz Trio

  • 8th US Army Band (Seoul)

  • Pretty Wicked (members of)

  • Philistines

  • Lazarus Machine

  • Cadaveric Mass

  • Basmitist

  • Abracadaver

  • Distent Aggressor

  • Victor Wooten

  • Anthony Wellington

  • Steve Bailey

  • Roy Wooten

  • Joseph Wooten

  • Stu Hamm

  • Howard Levy

  • Richard Bona

  • Anthony Jackson

  • JD Blair

  • Derico Watson

  • Dave Welsch

  • Joe Braccio

  • Chuck Rainey

  • Edgar Meyer

  • John Holt III

  • Zoltan Valter

  • Bryan Cegon

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